Image NOTES by Rachel Cobb


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Tiananmen Square

I was expecting something else, no sure what but it was much larger then I expected which is probably why I didn't get a real sense of the space. Too large an area and so many people I could get a real look at it in a glance.

There was a enormous screen running a random style presentation of graphics, from whales to large globes. All in blues. Interesting but didn't figure it out. Many people were in lines to go into a temple. We just basically walked through and stood and looked. Was just too crowded. The tour person taking us through had no clue about we know about Tiananmen Square and the tragic protests. When asked about it, what she knew, she said we were mistaken for someplace else. No very peaceful here at Tiananmen Square, people come to worship.

Was a good place to people watch and again people stopped to pose or let you take their picture.