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The Badaling Great Wall of China

The Badaling Great Wall of China. A long awaited trip that just flew by. Not enough time. Guess I will have to go back some day. But the experience was worth all that it took to get there.

The heavy smog and the extreme July heat and humidity creates such a dense haze it's really remarkable. Late afternoon as the sun lowered in the sky there was a warm glow to the wall rather then the cold hazy gray. Was actually pretty.

While hiking the wall soldiers came through and had everyone get up against the wall. I figure I took a bad picture or something. They said nothing just used their arms to motion to get against the wall. Then appeared in this sea of army green clothed soldiers a man in bright yellow traditional garb that looked african to me. A handful of others accompanied him. They stopped right in front of us. They were admiring the view, he spoke one of the ladies in my group. He said he was from Trinidad, and asked if we had been there and were we were from. She replied we were from NJ and and he said we are neighbors. It was charming. It was clear after a brief chat he was with his wife and a assistant. He was the President of Trinadad.So that was a fun moment.

The extra pics below are just that a few extras for those who may never get to the Great Wall, so you can see the true winding and steepness of the walls along the hill sides. Just was not the best sky.



And 1 shot of me on the Great wall.