Image NOTES by Rachel Cobb


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October 4, 2009

Sunrise. I got up about 4:30 am and put on a outside light to check on the fog, it had stayed the night. So I knew if I would ever get a good foggy morning this might be it. I have tried many times in the past to get down the marshes and no fog.

So off I went, and standing there out in this marsh area it was so still and the only sound were the small shore birds feeding on critters in the muck as tide was out. The moon from the night before was shining bright on the opposite side since it was setting. So even before the sun came up there was much to photograph. In the direction of the moon not much fog, in the suns direction, socked in.

This image was the prize. I was getting great sun rise shots when this great heron flew over and landed in the grasses. I really didn't want to move because it was good, but felt I had to check out if I could see him. So I left my good spot and suddenly I saw where he was and it was perfect, just enough of an opening and the reflection. My heart was racing. BUt he was preening... so I kept trying to get his attention hoping he would not fly off but look up so I could get his head up. Other wise he was a dark blob. Took some doing but finally. And when it was right the fog started moving in and soon the sun was covered again as you see in this series of 3 shots. Each are special in their own right.